FIG-Forth - CDP1802 IP - Lattice FPGA-Board

Dienstag, 22. November 2016 @ 21:06 CET

Beitrag von: mk

Another puzzle piece about Forth is available. C-H Tings Manual, an excellent description of a complete Forth System including Editor, has just been published as eBook at

Rather than just making the documentation available we wanted to prove it still works - at least on one processor.
There was excellent support from Steve Teal and Scott Baker with the 1802 IP and to get FIG-Forth 1802 running on the FPGA. Thanks to them and the others who made it possible.

... and it all still works, I tried it myself. JP

Follow the link to the Wiki, there is a small video, and a screen print. You find the download for the FPGA Image there to try it out yourself. And more information will be added there over time.

(Und vielleicht gibt es ein FIG-Forth auch noch als funktionierende PC-Implementierung irgendwo? mk)

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