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Willkommen bei Forth-Gesellschaft e.V.
Sonntag, 20. August 2017 @ 04:01 CEST
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Mecrisp-Stellaris und -Tiva

ArchivMecrisp is an implementation of a standalone native code Forth...
Now it is time to finally announce the first stable release of Mecrisp-Stellaris !
Mecrisp-Stellaris is the younger sister of Mecrisp and runs on ARM Cortex M chips. This is a big family of microcontrollers with a common processor architecture and very different peripheral capabilities. The first stable release runs on three core flavours: M0, M3 and M4.
Out of the box, you get support for TI Stellaris Launchpad with LM4F120H5QR (M4), TI Tiva Connected Launchpad with TM4C1294NCPDT (M4), STM32F4 Discovery with STM32F407VGT6 (M4), STM32VL Discovery with STM32F100RB (M3) and Freescale Freedom FRDM-KL25Z with KL25Z128VLK4 (M0).
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Vierte Dimension 2014-01 erschienen

Archiv Die Vierte Dimension 2014-01 ist erschienen und ist im pdf Archiv erhältlich:

Da könnt ihr nachlesen das die Forth Gesellschaft nun schon seit 30 Jahren besteht und wie alles angefangen hat. Auf der Jahrestagung in Bad Vöslau bei Wien wird das an diesem Wochenende gefeiert!
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Vierte Dimension 2014-01 erschienen

ArchivDie Vierte Dimension 2014-01 ist erschienen und ist im pdf Archiv erhältlich: []
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FORTH - Helft dem Teleskop und NASA

ArchivIch weiss nicht, ob jemand schon die Info von NASA gesehen hat:

Sounds like a job for.....SuperForthProgrammer(Guy or Girl)

Coders, NASA Will Pay You to Help Hunt Down Asteroids

So hatte Forth ja eigentlich angefangen. Jetzt sind sicherlich 1000x mehr Forthprogrammer im Vergleich zu 1 (Chuck Moore)

Auf der Embedded hatte Forth gezeigt, wie man gewinnt. Geht das auch jetzt noch?
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Starting Forth - nun auch wieder zum runterladen und drucken!

ArchivThe original print edition of Starting FORTH is copyrighted by FORTH, Inc. and all rights are reserved. Permission has been granted to Juergen Pintaske to make a PDF of the on-line version of the work available and to make certain modifications to the original printed work. ... For personal print out formatted from web . Enjoy. Download from Juergen Pintaske 2013_12_24
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Zündung mit Handverstellung

ArchivIn der Schaltung zur Zündanlage sind mir beim "verschönern" zwei Fehler (mindestens?) unterlaufen: Der Triggereingang ist nicht auf RB2 (22) sondern auf RC1/CCP2 (12) und der Zündpulsgeber kommt nicht aus RC0 (11) sondern aus RC1/CCP1 (13).
Gruß Karsten
(Der Autor bezieht sich auf seinen Beitrag im Forth Magazin "Vierte Dimension", Heft 4/2013, S.7ff - mk)
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e4thcom – Terminal für 4e4th, amforth und mecrisp

Archiv e4thcom ist ein Terminalprogramm für embedded Forth-Systeme. Es unterstützt das Hochladen von Quelltextdateien durch Terminaldirektiven, die am Terminal eingegeben oder in Quelltextdateien eingefügt werden können.

Mehr Informationen im Forth-Magazin Vierte Dimension 4/2013 und im Wiki.

Download: e4thcom-0.3.3.tar.gz

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EuroForth 2013 in Hamburg - 27-29.9.2013

ArchivAnmeldeschluss für die EuroForth-2013-Konferenz ist der 25. August!

Alle Forth-Interessierten sollten ernsthaft überlegen, ob sie nicht die Gelegenheit ergreifen und zu diesem spannenden internationalen Forth-Treffen in das schöne Hamburg kommen wollen.

Hier noch einmal die Einladung (vom 4. Juli):

Dear Forth enthusiast,

I would like to invite you to attend the 29th euroForth conference on the Forth Programming Language and Forth Processors, the 
international annual get-together of the Forth Community from

Friday, September 27th until Sunday, September 29th
at Haus Rissen, Hamburg, Germany

with the traditional 4th day as an option until Monday and preceeding "Forth 200X" standard days on Wednesday and Thursday.

As always, the conference is open to any Forth related topic:
Forth compilation techniques, advances in platform independence, stack based architectures, compilation techniques for stack 
based architectures, real-time and embedded systems solutions ...

You can contribute by presenting a Paper (20 minutes), by presenting a Poster, or by hosting a Workshop.

If you mail your paper (< 15 pages) by September 21st  in PDF format to it will be included in the conference handouts. 
This is also the deadline for workshop requests.

And, as always, spontaneous contributions will be given ample space and time.

This year, you must register one month in advance by August 25th at the latest.

There is only a very limited number of double rooms available. Therefore, you should hurry up if you intend to come with your 

See: for the most up-to-date information.

I hope to see your there :)

Klaus Schleisiek

This years euroForth office:
Klaus Schleisiek, c/o SEND GmbH, Rostocker Str. 20, D-20099 Hamburg, Germany
Fon: +49 40 180362341  Fax: +49 40 180362349  Mail:
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Efficient Implementation of Cryptographic Primitives on the GA144 Multi-core Architecture

Archiv "With myriads of small and pervasive devices in our digital age, the availability of low-power and energy-efficient processing technology has become absolutely essential. Most of these constrained devices need to incorporate security services for confidentiality and privacy in addition to their primary tasks – typically involving computationally expensive cryptography. In the last years, many researchers have worked on novel lightweight cryptographic constructions to minimize the computational burden on the constrained devices. However, most of those alternative constructions sacrificed security for simplicity, potentially enabling just as simple attacks. In this work, we aim for another approach and implement standardized and wellestablished cryptography on a special but very lightweight platform, namely an asynchronous GA144 ultra-low-powered multicore processor with 144 simplistic cores. For the first time, we demonstrate that symmetric and asymmetric cryptography such as AES and RSA is even feasible on such a low-end and unclocked device. With energy consumption being as low as 0.63µJ and 22.3mJ, this platform achieves a performance of 38µs and 462.9ms per AES and RSA operation, respectively. Both energy consumption as well as computation time are significantly lower than many lightweight implementations reported so far." (Quelle:

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Historisches: Applikation von Forth

Archiv Applikation von Forth, ein Büchlein von Egmont Woitzel und Ralf Neuthe, herausgegeben von Prof. Hartmut Pfüller, gescannt von Volker Pohlers... wieder zugänglich auf dem Server der Forth-eV. Faksimile in schwarz/weiß, 100 Seiten, PDF.