EuroForth 2014 in Hotel Amic Horizonte/Palma de Mallorca

The videos are h.264+aac in an mp4 container; this works at least in Chrome and on mobile platforms… to get Firefox 24 on Linux to work, you have to set media.gstreamer.enabled to true in about:config and install all necessary plugins (I didn't have gstreamer-0_10-plugins-ffmpeg …). Chromium wants chromium-ffmpeg instead of chromium-ffmpegsumo.

Proceedings are available on the EuroForth site.

Friday, 26.9.

  • 14:00 Anton Ertl „Region-based Memory Allocation in Forth“ no Video
  • 14:45 Stephen Pelc „Compiling to Flash“ no Video
  • 16:00 Paul Bennet „High Integrity System - CODE“ Video
  • 16:40 Bernd Paysan „net2o Command Language“ Video
  • 17:20 Andrew Read „Concept and implementation of an extended return stack to enhance subroutine and excepton handling in Forth“ Video

Saturday, 27.9.

  • 9:00 Bill Stoddard „HiTeX - LaTeX gets a helping hand from Forth“ Video
  • 9:30 Ulrich Hoffmann „Saturating Arithmetic“ Video
  • 10:00 Report from the Forth 200x standard committee Video

Sunday, 28.9.

  • 9:00 Stephen Pelc „VFX Forth for ARM Linux“ Video
  • 9:30 Gerald Wodni „Forth - the next generation“ Video
  • 10:00 Peter Knaggs „Java Forth“ Video
  • 10:30 Klaus Schleisiek „Doing C style structs on cell addressed uCore“ Video
  • 11:30 Anton Ertl „Getting rid of C“ Video
  • 12:00 Paul Bennet „Forth in education“ Video
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