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e4thcom - A Terminal for Embedded Forth Systems

Copyright (C) 2013-2023 Manfred Mahlow de|en


e4thcom for Linux and OSX is a terminal program for embedded Forth Systems with cross-assembler and cross-disassembler interface that supports conditional and unconditional uploading of source code. 32 and 64 Bit Linux (X86 and Raspberry/Raspbian) and 64 Bit OSX are supported.

Support for OSX is new and still in status TESTING. So feedback in case of problems is greatly appreciated.

Supported Forth Systems:

328eForth , 430CamelForth , 430eForth , 4e4th, AmForth, anyForth , Mecrisp , Mecrisp-Quintus , Mecrisp-Stellaris , noForth , STM8 eForth , SwapForth

The latest release is


  • First release with support for OSX.
  • First release with full source for e4thcom and MINFORTH Plus 1.5.
  • Plug-in for 328eForth (-t 328eforth and -t 328eforth-xas) added.


md5sum: 854c1e5423d12ec9c2e8e19483da4af8 e4thcom-

e4thcom- - Minor pretty printing bug fix. - #ifdef and #ifndef added for conditional execution of terminal directives or Forth code ( see feature list in doc/e4thcom-0.8.5,pdf ).


md5sum: c11fc33f263b7858b2715064b94d7cd8 e4thcom-0.8.5.tar.gz


  • Baudrates up to 1000000 Baud are supported now ( see Feature List and Starting e4thcom in doc/e4thcom-0.8.4.pdf )
  • #include now accepts filenames up to 128 chars.
  • Plug-in added for Mecrisp-Quintus, option -t mecrisp-qs


md5sum: 72e563af2bf8a7fbef6f2f901fa0c22c e4thcom-0.8.4.tar.gz


  • Second command line editing mode added, readline based, enable with option –rln ( see Starting e4thcom and Buffered Command Line in doc/e4thcom-0.8.2.pdf )
  • Command line buffer can be disabled/enabled at the command line with the terminal directive \^ ( see Buffered Command Line in doc/e4thcom-0.8.2.pdf )


md5sum: 6792957a4deb6404588dbb98ea25fd3e e4thcom-0.8.2-64.tar.gz


e4thcom is now a native X86_64 Bit Linux Application, that is easily re-compiled for 32 Bit Systems (X86 und Raspberry/Raspbian). Please look at e4thcom-0.8.0/ src/README how to do it.

e4thcom- (Ownership and mode bits changed for files in the e4thcom-0.8.0/src directory, required when installing e4thcom to the /opt directory.)

md5sum: e9bbe3d21b411fe4531488db0a0abe88 e4thcom-


md5sum: c840d69e19ee0eb994d4e7d019749787 e4thcom-0.8.0-64.tar.gz


Bug Fix Release for 0.6.3 : \res export failed for Mecrisp-Stellaris ( -t mecrisp-st ).


md5sum: b4d3985bf5d0e9410cb46465235b0c9f e4thcom-


Added feature: New option -p dir1:dir2:dir3 to overwrite the default search order for source code and resource files.

For further information please read Uploading of Source Code Files and Using Resource Files in the file /doc/e4thcom.pdf in the e4thcom-0.6.3.tar.gz archive.


md5sum: 5690adec7c17be4969798978b93dbcfb e4thcom-0.6.3.tar.gz


Added features:

  • Second display mode
    • invers (black/colored letters on white background), option: –idm
    • normal (white/colored letters on black background), default
  • Support for the [Home] and the [End] key in the command line.
  • [Shift]+[TAB] now deletes the content of the command line.
  • Plug-In for the stm8eForth 2.2.15, option: -t stm8ef

Supported Target Forth Systems:

430CamelForth , 430eForth , 4e4th, AmForth, anyForth , Mecrisp , Mecrisp-Stellaris , noForth , stm8eForth

For further information please read the file /doc/e4thcom.pdf in the e4thcom-0.6.2.tar.gz archive.


md5sum: 3c7936dfa08186578846d8d4d181ed31 e4thcom-0.6.2.tar.gz


Added features:

  • Editable Command Line with History and TAB-Selection
  • Editor Interface for Code Debugging
  • Code Uploading in Half- and Full-Duplex
  • Plug-Ins for 430CamelForth, 430eForth, 4e4th, AmForth, anyForth, Mecrisp, Mecrisp-Stellaris, noForth

Removed features:

  • Data Transmission via UDP (please use e4thcom-0.5.3)
  • ForthBox no longer included

For further information please read the file /doc/e4thcom.pdf in the e4thcom-0.6.1.tar.gz archive.


md5sum: 11c5cb8ce917e331da060fcccfeca9f0 e4thcom-0.6.1.tar.gz

More Plug-Ins:


md5sum: 0e8db0e60f75b21e19a131cc3dc44b55 e4thcom-0-6-1-stm8ef-v2.2.15-plug-in.tar.gz


md5sum: 65e298a01a96d6f25c8fcf8f5f72e2fb e4thcom-0-6-1-stm8ef-plug-in.tar.gz


  • Data transmission via serial line or UDP
  • Bidirectional Cross Assembler Interface (allows access to target ressources)
  • Cross Disassembler Interface
  • MSP430 Cross Assembler for noForth und 4e4th
  • MSP430 Cross Disassembler for noForth
  • ATmega Cross Assembler for AmForth
  • Plug-Ins for 4e4th, AmForth, Mecrisp, Mecrisp-Stellaris and noForth
  • ForthBox with improved keyboard interface


md5sum: 559cc0a5112eee79c3b83bafa0388f7b e4thcom-0.5.3.tar.gz

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