Urchin front view

Do you really need a PCB to run the MicroBox Circuit Diagram?

Actually not. In your office, have a coffee and take the stick you stirred with, then grab a few paper clips, 33k resistor, MSP430G2553 programmed with Forth, Socket, 5 LEDS.

A bit of cable and a 4-6 pin connector to the USB-to-TTL interface, or the 4 relevant pins from the TI Launchpad.

( the extra 4 resistors soldered onto the back leg are just for later, to add in line with the 4 OUT LEDs, to get the full output swing if external IO has to be addressed.)

Urchin back view

A bit of bending and soldering - Extra 2 resistors on the 3 legs connected to GND, IN0 and IN1 as switches. Thats it.

Run the 4e4th-IDE and program in the uMMT code, run it.

Finished and tested.

Have a good Sunday.

Juergen Pintaske

(What is an Urchin?)

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