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Low Budget Version

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Low Budget Version

Keep the main facts and data of the 35 Word Forth within reach on your desk: Print the PDF, cut out the text part, 4 small pieces of sticky tape, mount it around a standard mug works fine until the next dish washer run … :-)

This is what the PDF looks like.

Real MugForth

You can take it a step further if you wish, and use the PDF or use the doc and modify – have it printed onto your very own real mug. Juergen used Vistaprint and 8 real mugs are now in existence – more to follow.

Vistaprint on mug

Always by your side ...

A Fourth Option: Or to simply, fold the printout of the PDF 2x ( then a fourth of the size ) and it is smaller than a Business Card

be forth with you ...

tiny VFX stand alone forth system ...

A Start With Forth - Uses the data on the mug and explains what it means – learn basic Forth just using 35 Forth Words.

Have fun !


You and your mug in good company. :-) - downloaded_pictures_v11.pdf

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