ForthCPU Boards

Novix 4000 EB1 Board

Im Verleih seit: August 2017

Forth-Systeme: cmForth


Ausleihstatus: verfuegbar :-)

Dieses Kit wurde von Norbert Lott zur Verfuegung gestellt.

GA144 Eval Board


With two GA144 chips, this board provides you with versatile prototyping capability. It supports several power options and has three USB interfaces behaving as asynchronous serial communications ports at speeds up to 960 Kbits/second each. Chip 0 has external SRAM and SPI flash; the flash is pre-programmed with eForth and, as shipped, eForth comes up ready to communicate with a serial ASCII terminal emulator on USB port B. USB port A may be used to program chip 0 using our IDE. Chip 1 has minimal I/O connections: SERDES and optional 2-wire synchronous to chip 0; optional USB port C for separate IDE use; and configurable reset pin.

Im Verleih seit: März 2012

Forth-Systeme: eForth, polyForth, ColorForth


Ausleihstatus: ausgeliehen :-(

SeaForth (IntellaSys) SEK 40C18



  • Forty C18 core processors capable of up to 25 billion operations per second
  • Fully asynchronous for fast processing, low power
  • External memory interface
  • SPI, serial, and parallel ports
  • 2 SERDES ~400 Mbit
  • Three 18-bit A/D converters
  • Three 9-bit D/A converters
  • Zero-overhead inter-processor communication and synchronization

C18 Computer

  • 18-bit stack-oriented computer
  • Runs VentureForth® language as native code
  • Executes one ALU operation per cycle
  • Zero-overhead inter-processor communication and synchronization
  • 64 words RAM / 64 words ROM
  • <9 mW per core at full speed
  • Automatic sleep mode at <5 µW per core

Eval Kit Contents

  • SEAforth board
  • Midi/Audio board
  • RS232 board
  • Serial board
  • Power
  • Level shifter
  • Includes USB cables
  • Includes 3 Cables to connect SEAforth board to Midi, Serial, and USB

Das SeaForth Kit wurde von Stephen Pelc zur Verfügung gestellt.

Im Verleih seit: April 2012

Forth-Systeme: VentureForth


Ausleihstatus: verfügbar :-D


KleinerMuck (MiniMuck)

RTX2000 Entwicklungsboard mit RS232 Schnittstelle

Im Verleih seit: 2004

Forth-Systeme: RTX Forth auf EPROM auf dem Board

Ausleihstatus: ausgeliehen :-(

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