SeaForth SEK 40C18

SeaForth SEK 40C18 von IntellaSys


  • Forty C18 core processors capable of up to 25 billion operations per second
  • Fully asynchronous for fast processing, low power
  • External memory interface
  • SPI, serial, and parallel ports
  • 2 SERDES ~400 Mbit
  • Three 18-bit A/D converters
  • Three 9-bit D/A converters
  • Zero-overhead inter-processor communication and synchronization

C18 Computer

  • 18-bit stack-oriented computer
  • Runs VentureForth® language as native code
  • Executes one ALU operation per cycle
  • Zero-overhead inter-processor communication and synchronization
  • 64 words RAM / 64 words ROM
  • <9 mW per core at full speed
  • Automatic sleep mode at <5 µW per core

Eval Kit Contents

  • SEAforth board
  • Midi/Audio board
  • RS232 board
  • Serial board
  • Power
  • Level shifter
  • Includes USB cables
  • Includes 3 Cables to connect SEAforth board to Midi, Serial, and USB

Das SeaForth Kit wurde von Stephen Pelc zur Verfügung gestellt.

Im Verleih seit: April 2012

Forth-Systeme: VentureForth


Ausleihstatus: verfügbar :-D


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