SPI protocol noForth versions

  • MSP430F14x, bitbang SPI version for the MSP430F149
  • MSP430F14x, USART1 SPI version for the MSP430F149

SPI OLED test SPI used to drive an OLED display & W25Q16 external Flash memory

More information on the MSP430G2553


File name Commands Purpose
SPI-loopback MSP430.f COUNTER A counter as simplest loopback test
SPI OLED display.f DEMO Show text on a graphic OLED display
Flash driver MSP430.f SPI-ON Activate SPI-interface to Flash memory chip
FILL1 0 write-sector Fill buffer with pattern en write to Flash sector 0
0. 100 FDUMP Dump sector 0 showing the written contents, etc.
WS2812 simple G2553.f SHOW for MSP430G2553 Display five different colors on max. 40 WS2812 leds,
WS2812 simple FR5949.fSHOW for MSP430FR59xxthe number of LEDs maybe changed by editing #LEDS

Running SPI OLED display demo

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